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should be even-handed, and not lean to either side, in mediating the Palestine-Israel conflict.
Many of our fans feel that the level of scrutiny and media attention is not even-handed.
CAMERA is an advocacy organization and does not claim to be even-handed.
You might have added that Palestinian supporters of Fatah and Hamas gunning each other down in the streets are not doing much for the economy either, but that might be too even-handed to suit your agenda.
This will assure that sentences imposed by the court will be carried out in a predictable and even-handed manner.
Because of the amount of "thick description" and the even-handed tone throughout, it is perhaps easy to miss the significance of Hunter's argument.
Scrap recyclers are sensing a bit of a summer swoon setting in, but it may be an even-handed swoon among scrap generators, buyers and sellers that will ultimately have little impact on pricing.
As someone who covered the old newspaper war for a couple of years, I appreciate the information you got and your even-handed presentation.
A glossary and an index round out this even-handed and meticulously accurate examination of Jones' life and legacy.
In an atmosphere marked by sectarian division and a growing fundamentalist insurgency that has attached itself to the majority political party, concern that efforts to teach "about" religion in an even-handed manner might be hijacked by aggressive fundamentalists isn't mere paranoia; it's a call for vigilance and prudence.
Therefore, many tax issues were rendered indeterminate, and the tax system was neither simple nor universal, comprehensive nor even-handed, since it was not even comprehensible.
No doubt some opportunistic rightwing scribe is energetically pitching Regnery Press on the merits of prosecuting Boomers for their various crimes against humanity, even as some third party is pounding out an even-handed assessment.
I hope Kyle and his family will be comforted by the fact that, although all his attackers got off scot-free, at least justice ( or the lack of it ( was even-handed.
More even-handed document drafting (not always in executive's favor)
The Newcastle keeper has defended his manager's honesty in his handling of the Craig Bellamy affair and insists that he is even-handed in his dealings with players.