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an unpredictable phenomenon

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We think there is more than a even chance of the peso selling at around P43-P44/$ by yearend, particularly given what we think is a distinctive policy bias for a weaker peso," Global Source said.
Closing the Opportunity Gap: What America Must Do to Give Every Child an Even Chance OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS
The rating agency predicted the country's debt pile would continue to rise because of the capital needs of its banks, burned by their exposure to crisis-wrecked Greece, and said it saw an even chance of default.
England have an even chance, particularly now that Wayne Rooney is available again.
This time I'll just have to chance my arm wherever and whenever I can and see what happens when I go to the games - I might even chance my arm with some of the media boys but unfortunately I've had no offers.
deliberately designed to protect their residents from the uncertainties of daily existence: falling property values, vandalism and petty theft, random violence, and even chance encounters or unplanned conversations with persons unlike oneself" (p.
There's a reasonably even chance of a neutron star or a black hole.
For that reason alone it would seem that there is a better than even chance of Becks returning in Blue.
Key said he thought there was an even chance the project would stay in New Zealand, but he cautioned that he would not be offering more tax breaks to ensure that was the case.
It is therefore very important that Welsh businesses are given an even chance to win contracts competitively and that they have the opportunity to deliver what we need.
These are the clubs where we've got an even chance against, or just slightly under an even chance.
Strauss thought England had a better than even chance of passing a par target.
After chapters on the specific sites, the settlements are placed in relative contrast to each other, the environs and even chance solitary finds of presumably lost objects.
Whether it's justified or nut remains to be seen, but state Republican leaders are thinking that Jennifer Horn has a better than even chance of beating Paul Hades in the 2nd C.
Students with these scores have a high probability (75%) of earning a "C" or better and an even chance of earning a "B" or better in college algebra and biology classes, respectively.