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intentionally vague or ambiguous

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A WEEK of evasiveness and half-truths has ended with David Cameron releasing details of his past six years' income.
And in the face of the PM's all too predictable evasiveness, he simply repeated it over and over again.
The impression she creates is one of complacency and evasiveness at a time when crime in the Northumbria force area is rising on her watch, despite falling nationally.
The impression she creates is one of complacency and evasiveness at a time when crime in the Northumbria Police force is rising on her watch, despite falling nationally.
Their lack of truth, or evasiveness, directly negating our vocabulary skills; breaking down the language skills of the populace, right to the very dictionary.
Khan has also criticised the government for tax evasiveness and money laundering.
Such a level of evasiveness suggests that those involved in this case were indeed closing ranks and are far too clever to be called incompetent.
Zardari's aides were keen to contrast their man's willingness to submit to the courts with what they see as the evasiveness of Musharraf -- who many PPP supporters hold responsible for Bhutto's assassination in 2007.
The problem is that whereas economic problems were identi-fied and robust action was taken to address them, in relation to nature there is only prevarication, evasiveness and sometimes outright hostility.
The little frog is a cute and delightful character whose joy, anger, smugness, evasiveness and pleasure will capture your heart.
According to CBS News, Clinton, who this year has served as Obama's most effective spokesman, blasted Romney for his evasiveness on other issues, such as whether he would have signed into the law the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.
The statement called on western media to accentuate facts and abandon the evasiveness and lies they employed with Iraq before, covering up the murder of 1.
There should be a price tag on Iran's evasiveness and negative role in the region.
Whatever the reasons behind Khartoum's evasiveness were, the regime could not stop the truth from leaking.
The Shura Council has also endorsed a bill of law for ratification of a protocol for modification of an agreement for avoidance of dual taxation and prevention of tax evasiveness for income taxes signed between the Kingdom of Bahrain's government and the government of the friendly Republic of Singapore, associated with Royal Decree No.