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intentionally vague or ambiguous

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I am not hiding the fact that the evasiveness of the approach taken by the president is something which I do not particularly like.
A spokesman for the youngster and his mum Charlotte said: "It's not just that the application appears not to have been considered, but the evasiveness of the Trust when asked simple questions about the process is most troubling.
Lines are poetic, sometimes to the point of evasiveness, but always in a way that conveys AgosA-n's eternal yearning and vivacity.
On the specific issue of Brexit, now is surely not the time for soundbites and evasiveness from any politician involved in the process.
"Evasiveness embodied" - TV's Robert Peston's description of the Prime Minister.
This evasiveness won't let them off the hook, however.
The attorney general's chronic evasiveness, stonewalling of Congress and misrepresentations about his role - and that of the Bush administration - in the firings had already prompted many Republicans to call for Gonzales' resignation before he uttered his first unconvincing words at Thursday's hearing.
In 1974, however, after so much Nixonian stonewalling and evasiveness, our system of government would have been better served by letting the legal process take its course, no matter how uncertain.
Looking back on his sixty-yearlong literary career, the aging writer in "The Roulette Player" concedes that "I have been honest with myself, in the only manner possible for an artist." If, as he insists, "only the dream reflects me realistically"--a poignant articulation of a magical-realist tenet--it follows that the book's dreamlike characters are projections, "living parables" of their creator, while also testifying to the latter's slippery evasiveness.
This suggests depths of hitherto unacknowledged evasiveness and fraudulence on the father's part that their domestic partnership may not survive.
Among their topics are reflections on psychic ownership and psychoanalytic studies, what has happened to psychoanalysis in the British Society, the New York State psychoanalytic license, and the evasiveness of Freudian apologetic.
* In both underpayment and deficiency cases, in determining whether the requesting spouse had reason to know, the Service will consider the requesting spouse's education level, degree of involvement in the activity generating the tax liability, involvement in business and household financial matters, level of business and financial expertise, any deceit or evasiveness on the nonrequesting spouse's part and any lavish or unusual spending compared with past levels.
"In listening to this testimony it was disappointing for me to hear such evasiveness, such dodging of answers," Regent Jill Derby said in the transcript of the Nov.
Family Affairs PETE returns, catching Eileen and Sadie off-guard, and his subsequent evasiveness vexes Lucy no end.
When we are evasive, our supporters n/ay doubt our commitment, even if they understand that our evasiveness reflects a tactical strategy rather than a shift in principle.