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"I wouldn't go into that," said Wemmick, evasively, "it might clash with official responsibilities.
'We have only met once,' she answered a little evasively, 'when your late brother introduced me to the members of his family.
'"No," replied the figure evasively; "but I am always present."
'Now I think of it,' said Mr Riderhood, evasively, for he was substituting those words for 'Now I see you so jealous,' which was the phrase really in his mind; 'P'r'aps he went and took me down wrong, a purpose, on account o' being sweet upon her!'
"He knows no difference in his children, whether the color of the skin be red, or black, or white," returned Duncan, evasively; "though chiefly is he satisfied with the brave Hurons."
"At another time, sir," he returned, evasively, "the present time is ill-conwenient for explainin'.
After widespread condemnation from the international community -- most eye-catchingly the French President Emmanuel Macron at the G7 meeting last week -- Bolsonaro posted a series of videos on his Twitter account arguing, evasively, that "forest fires exist worldwide and this cannot serve as a pretext for international sanctions," and that his responsibility was to bring the standard of living of the million or so Brazilians who live in the Amazon up to that of the rest of the country.
Responders either denied or evasively answered such questions.
safety in irony" and to evasively "disown passion or ...
He says evasively that he and their mother worked together as 'firewatchers.' The brother and sister then catch snippets of conversations which reveal that their mother played a rather more daring wartime role and possessed more skills than they knew.
When I asked Immo (Imrana Maqsood), in some ways his much better half, recently to confirm her husband's claim she just smiled evasively.
When Susanna Reid asked whether Lorraine would be supporting England in the World Cup, she evasively replied: "I'll be supporting football.
He said some medics had behaved "evasively, dishonestly and ineptly".