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(law) an answer by a defendant that fails to admit or deny the allegations set forth in the complaint

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When asked about the speech of his Foreign Minister, Netanyahu gave an evasive answer. Any minister has the right to say whatever he wants, he said, but only the government's official policy counts.
He wonders if he could have told them about his guilt and shame, and desire to become Americanized, but gives an evasive answer, I just didn't want to burden you with all the tragic history.
He gave an evasive answer saying it is controversial issue and so far no consensus is made.
Visibly shaken, the future president nervously referred to Goltz by his first name and eventually gave an evasive answer. Later, Goltz was congratulated on the streets for putting the "Old Man" on the spot and was thereafter known around the country as "the guy who asked `The Question.'"
Obviously the work of Jackie, the bloody hit not only must be immediately accepted by the gang, but covered for; the evasive answer all the men give to investigator Hanolon (Martin Sheen) whenever there's a crime in their vicinity is, "I was in the bathroom."
Some Physician executives have adopted the philosophy that they are required to "dance" or give an evasive answer. The answer should be honest, forthright, and as accurate as possible.
"This could be just a completely evasive answer," she said.
Nowadays, tune in on any Wednesday noon to PM's Question Time, or should that be more accurately, PM's evasive answer time, and you witness row upon row of grey-haired old men, some of whom would be more at home in a funeral parlour.
An evasive answer followed and Judge Casey asked again, "You don't find any dual responsibility; your obligation is only to the woman?" Dr.
Above and beyond that evasive answer, I can honestly say I can't remember.
Production chief Disera, who seems congenitally incapable of an evasive answer, freely acknowledges it has not been an easy move.
The evasive answer was "we don't comment on individual cases", even though we didn't ask for details of individual cases.
I tried to find out how many of the beautiful mature trees in this avenue were to be ripped up to accommodate the tramway,but got only an evasive answer. I am under the impression that most of the trees will be removed.
I was given an evasive answer but later in the secretary's tent I overheard the steward boasting to his colleagues that he had backed the winner at long odds.