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Synonyms for evaporate

Synonyms for evaporate

to pass off as vapor, especially when heated


to pass out of sight either gradually or suddenly

Synonyms for evaporate

lose or cause to lose liquid by vaporization leaving a more concentrated residue

cause to change into a vapor

change into a vapor

become less intense and fade away gradually

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In the experimental analysis, evaporative condenser is used instead of air-cooled condenser.
However, these special evaporative fabrics may provide a great benefit in cool weather running when wet fabrics against your skin could affect your body temperature and comfort significantly.
Many evaporative cooler owners add products to keep lime scale from accumulating in their machines, as well as anti-algae and anti-fungal products.
In this way, turfgrass ET response to specific evaporative environments can be emphasized under uniform conditions minimizing potential sources of variability and effects of shoot and leaf dimensions on ET other than genetic.
If you've ever dealt with a hot day by splashing water on your face and sitting in front of a fan, you understand evaporative cooling.
Contract award notice: Supply and installation of evaporative cooling system for inspection lines in itv stations of veiasa (spain-isla de la cartuja: Cooling and ventilation equipment)
SPX Cooling Technologies, a full-line, full-service industry leader in the design and manufacture of evaporative cooling towers and other specialised heat exchangers, has appointed Chukri Alaani as the new sales manager for Iraq and the GCC (excluding Saudi Arabia and Kuwait).
The global evaporative air coolers market is projected to register a moderate expansion over the forecast period during 2018 to 2028.
Consumer Spending and Purchase Behavior Driving Evaporative Air Cooler Market Growth
[ClickPress, Mon May 13 2019] Increasing Demand from Countries of the Asia Pacific and Middle East to Define Evaporative Air Cooler Market Revenue Growth Asia and the Middle East have witnessed substantial climate change in the last few years, thereby impacting the lives of people living in these regions.
The agricultural industry in the country has presented constant innovations as to equipment and materials utilized in the zootechnical and agricultural facilities, among these the utilization of equipment which promote the thermal conditioning in the interior of the buildings, through a direct evaporative cooling system (DEC).
Thermal comfort in hot and dry climates can be achieved using the principle of evaporative cooling.
by Courtesy of BrandpointPatios and garages can be cooler on the hottest days by rolling the evaporative cooler wherever it's needed.
ECOCOOLING is an industry leading manufacturer of ventilation and evaporative cooling equipment, with over 4500 installations worldwide.