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  • verb

Synonyms for evade




avoid answering


Synonyms for evade

to get away from (a pursuer)

to avoid fulfilling or answering completely

Synonyms for evade

avoid or try to avoid fulfilling, answering, or performing (duties, questions, or issues)

escape, either physically or mentally

practice evasion

Related Words

use cunning or deceit to escape or avoid

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It is envisioned that future versions of the EVADE software may be able to simultaneously evaluate exposures to multiple contaminants using the same video footage.
The Second Circuit stated that by finding that the IRS had failed to prove that Beg intended to evade City Wide's.
With an aim to set a new standard for the company, the all new Evade packs a 6.
We will continue to pursue all those who have helped Mladic and other fugitives evade justice," Vukcevic said.
com; (330) 539-9572) Evade Ag with Nano-Particulate Silver is a scent-elimination product so safe and effective it can even be used as an antiseptic on minor cuts and scrapes.
The duo allegedly attempted to evade arrest by driving as fast as 80mph through residential neighborhoods Wednesday night, a sheriff's sergeant said.
In one case, an OLAF-German police inquiry has uncovered the loss of Euro 50 million in duties by the illicit rerouting of Chinese energy-saving lamps via Vietnam, Pakistan, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, the United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka and Tunisia to evade 66.
But some bacteria nimbly evade NETs, says Victor Nizet of the University of California, San Diego.
Similarly absent is a description of how pandemic influenza viruses emerge and evade the host immune system.
The fourth chapter surveys the range of strategies Chinese immigrants developed to evade the laws, first trying to overturn them, and then using the government's own paper trail against itself, working the system by hiring lawyers, courting white allies, coaching each other through the detailed interrogations conducted by immigration officials, and trading tips on how to persuade immigrant inspectors that they were either merchants or native-born citizens, two groups that were supposed to be (but, as Lee shows, often were not) exempt from the exclusion laws.
Trummel tried to evade the order by hosting his Web site in Europe.
dirty, half-naked convicts wriggled up through manhole covers and ran into shops and houses to evade police in the November jailbreak.
However, the virus has evolved to evade the immune system, which vaccines themselves are intended to activate.
He helped seven clients evade a total of 260 million yen in income tax between 1993 and 1995 by reporting they had made losses in a U.
Former trainer Geoff Huffer was jailed for 15 months at Croydon Crown Court yesterday for attempting to evade paying duty on a consignment of alcohol imported from Europe.