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Marsupials are distinct from the eutherian mammals. Eutherian mammals have a placenta, a temporary organ that forms and joins the developing offspring to the dam with an umbilical cord.
Mass-adjusted FMR, i.e., FMR divided by mass raised to the slope of the allometric equation for desert eutherian mammals, equaled 2.90 kJ[multiplied by][g.sup.0.786][multiplied by][d.sup.-1] and 2.85 kJ[multiplied by][g.sup.0.786][multiplied by][d.sup.-1] for summer and winter foxes, respectively.
The influence of food habits on the energetics of eutherian mammals. Ecological Monographs 56:1-19.
In eutherian mammals, the onset of neurogenesis and the initial period of growth of the CNS begins early, when there is little competition from other tissues, and growth and differentiation extend throughout the fetal and embryonic periods, when nutrition is relatively constant.
They demonstrate that gestation times in eutherian mammals are best predicted by brain weight at birth, and show that while it is possible to extend gestation beyond that predicted by brain weight, few animals have gestations shorter than would be predicted by the limiting factor of brain growth.
"In eutherian mammals, the sex chromosomes contain an additional region of DNA whereas, in the egg-laying mammals and marsupials, this additional region of DNA is located on the non-sex chromosomes," said Makova.
In eutherian mammals, the allantois is the source of blood vessels and combines with the chorion to form the chorioallantoic placenta.
Molecular phylogeny and the higher classification of eutherian mammals. TREE 8:141-147.