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Reik's group collaborated with Renfree to show that H19 and H19-DMR exist, and that IGF2 and H19 are reciprocally expressed in the tamer wallaby in the same manner as in eutherian species.
Conversely, the eutherian water- and glycerol-transporting aquaporins (aquaglyceroporins, Glps) represented by AQP3, -7, -9, and -10, which range in size from 31.
Protamine 1: protamine 2 stoichiometry in the sperm of eutherian mammals.
Significance of the need for sperm capacitation before fertilization in eutherian mammals.
As the earliest known fossil ancestral to placental mammals, Juramaia providesd fossil evidence of the date when eutherian mammals diverged from other mammals: metatherians (whose descendants include marsupials such as kangaroos) and monotremes (such as the platypus).
The specimen has been recovered from the "Siwalik Series" indicating that it is a eutherian mammalian lower jaw.
He covers the late Cretaceous nonavian dinosaur record, in the shadow of nonavian dinosaurs, in search of the most ancient Eutherian ancestors of placental mammals, patterns and causes of extinction at the K/T boundary, and when and whence mammals after the impact.
The evolutionary trend in most mammalian species has been a reduction in the number of teeth from the primitive eutherian ("placental") dental formula of 3-1-4-3/3-1-4-3 = 44 teeth.
Herein, we report the results of a comparative genomic analyses of the [beta]-globin gene in 11 different taxa; nine eutherian [Homo sapiens (human), Macaca mulatta (rhesus monkey), Pan troglodytes (chimpanzee), Rattus norvegicus (mouse), Mus musculus (rat), Canis familiaris (dog), Bos taurus (cow), Equus caballus (horse), Oryctolagus cuniculus (rabbit)], one dinosaurian (avian) Gallus gallus (chicken) and a neopterygii (marine) Danio rerio (fish), describing fundamental similarities and differences among taxa to enable better evolutionary understanding of functional [beta]-globin gene (Fig.
Significance of the equatorial segment of the acrosome of the spermatozoon in eutherian mammals.
In eutherian mammals, with a standard XY/XX system, a few cases of derived multiple-sex chromosomes are known and are usually of the XY1Y2/XX type; but some, as in the black muntjac, reveal an extremely complex origin (White 1960, Zhou et al.
This leaves open the question whether the eutherian XY evolved 310 million years ago, shortly after the common ancestor of mammals and birds/reptiles, or less than 166 million years ago, at the time of the common ancestor of monotremes and eutherians (Figure 5).
Molecular and Morphological Supertrees for Eutherian (Placental) Mammals.