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the study of methods of improving human well-being and efficient functioning by improving environmental conditions

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2000 Kathy Cooke, "Non-Sense and Anti-Sentimentality: Home Economics, Euthenics, and the 'Threat' to Race Betterment Efforts in America."
For example, in the 1880s Smith offered (then canceled) a course in household chemistry, and then in the 1920s Vassar (with its euthenics program) followed the vocational current (Frankfort 1977, 58-61; Newcomer 1959, 83).
As author of The Cost of Shelter (1905), about the home and what it signifies as a measure of economics and social standing of the family, and Euthenics, the Science of Controllable Environment (1910), a plea for better living conditions as a first step toward higher human efficiency, Richards is one of the founders of "the science of better living' movement, helping pioneer early research on establishing optimum living conditions for humans.
(19) Lester Frank Ward, "Eugenics, Euthenics, and Eudemics," Journal of Sociology, Vol.