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the interpretation in harmonious bodily movements of the rhythm of musical compositions

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This tradition originated with the Greeks and flourished ever since, as Matila Ghyka's classic book The Geometry of Art and Life (1946) makes clean Ghyka's book also reminds us that such classical principles as the Golden Section and eurythmy were intended to apply to all forms of art, music being but one special case.
There are extensive workshops, and in every school the performance of eurythmy - a kind of dance - has a central role, not only as a discipline to link mind and body, but also as an exchange of communication between performer and audience.
A brilliant disciple of the great Anglophone language jugglers, such as Lewis Carroll, Laurence Sterne and James Joyce (Cabrera Infante has produced an impeccable translation of Dubliners), his style is nevertheless unmistakably his own, with a sensoriality and eurythmy that, at times, in one of those snatches of nostalgia for the land he has lost and yet cannot live or write without, he persists in calling "Cuban.
It then constructs the "memory map" of Waldorf, describing how its foundation story, teacher training and teacher networks, annual festivals and daily verses, curricular ritual of eurythmy (a form of dance), architecture, and birthday celebrations of the original German school serve to perpetuate the institution.
The group's activities include Anthroposophical Medicine (in Europe the sect has its own hospitals), Biodynamic Agriculture, Eurythmy (dance) schools, Camphill Villages for the developmentally disabled, and a church, Christian Community.
SAN FRANCISCO -- San Francisco Waldorf School, an independent, co-educational, non-sectarian school, announced its fourteenth annual gala performance of the unique art of Eurythmy February 14th and 15th in San Francisco.
In addition, most patients received at least one out of several non-pharmacological therapies of the concept of integrative oncology as offered in this clinic: psychotherapy 39, rhythmical massage 34, embrocation 29, compresses 28, curative eurythmy 20, regional embrocation 19, painting 17, music therapy 16, dietary advice 13, therapeutic bath 9, sculpturing 3, breathing exercise 1 (Elevated temperature or fever >38.