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any artificially elegant style of language

an elegant style of prose of the Elizabethan period

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It begins in a manner consistent with the previous chapters, with a euphuistic emphasis and the rehearsal of further misogynist commonplaces and proverbial complaints.
He continues by explicitly defining the technical elements of Lyly's Euphuistic style, working his way toward the reasons that Euphuism eventually became a tool for comedy and satire.
In contrast, Branagh falls into camp, helped along, as Sontag's brief history of the sensibility suggests, by his choice of Shakespeare's one Euphuistic comedy, with all its stylistic excesses (Sontag 280), and by his "melting pot" approach, to borrow an image from Lehmann (188), to highbrow and popular culture.
contextual background, visual argument dissolves into euphuistic
What we have here is a classified listing of what is known in the trade as weasel words, circuitous circumlocutions, euphuistic euphemisms, acrimonious acronyms, wishy-washy initialisms, that sort of thing.'
Parallelism is a foregrounded feature of euphuistic prose, specimens of which Melville surely would have encountered in many Renaissance writers (such as Browne and Shakespeare) as well as in Milton and the Bible.
This early Shakespearean comedy calls for a free approach in any movie adaptation since its pleasure derives largely from the witty, euphuistic debates between the King of Navarre (Alessandro Nivola) and his cronies and the Princess of France (Alicia Silverstone) and her ladies in waiting.
Three major strands are seen as the defining elements of the dramatist's work: his indebtedness to Ovid, his use of the euphuistic mode, and his relationship with the court.
At the conclusion of his characteristically euphuistic proem, the speaker of the Alexandra represents himself as [Greek Words Omitted] (15), such is the torrent of verbiage that is welling up to be disgorged.
as some suppose a question of theme"; rather it was "the euphuistic expression of isolated observations," such as "the picturesque effects of a beggar's rags, like Gautier, or the colour-scheme of a tippler's nose, like M.
Beckett's Dying Words is occasionally a bit euphuistic, as it strains for certain verbal effects.
They have been known throughout the history of traditional China as "men in reclusion" (yinshi [UNKNOWN TEXT OMITTED]), "men of lofty ideals" (gaoshi [UNKNOWN TEXT OMITTED]), "disengaged persons" (yimin [UNKNOWN TEXT OMITTED]), "scholars.-at-home" (chushi [UNKNOWN TEXT OMITTED]), or the like, and for various euphemistic or euphuistic reasons sometimes were referred to as "men of the mountains and forests" (shanlin zhi shi [UNKNOWN TEXT OMITTED]) or, as in the title of a recent book, "men of the cliffs and caves" (yanxue zhi shi [UNKNOWN TEXT OMITTED]).(1)
/ To say I was so high, so white, so pure, / And am so low, so bloodstained and so base."(15) If decadent literature is really "the euphuistic expression of .
Even today, the rich mixture of its verbal texture--an almost euphuistic flamboyance balanced by dry, analytical expository prose--requires a correspondingly receptive range on the part of the reader.
There is one great song, two clowns stuffed with quips and quibbles, four young lovers as symmetrically disposed as the structural elements of a Palladian villa, ample opportunity for swordplay and costume changes, and gallons of liquidly euphuistic verse just good enough for a skilled thespian to put a spin on, to the wonder of those without professional endowments.