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Synonyms for euphoric

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exaggerated feeling of well-being or elation

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00am, pounds 6/8 Residents: Fisher & Price, Martin Valentine Guests: Josh the Funky One on the 29th Music: Funky house building to euphoric climax, nothing quite beats a euphoric climax does itHigh heels or trainers?
The Dodgers had something even better, something that left them so utterly euphoric that they cranked the volume on the clubhouse stereo to a paint-peeling level.
Rap is also euphoric in just the way Jameson identifies as post-Modern, but Baker quotes its exuberant wordplay without addressing the contrast between this playfulness and rap's often grim scenarios.
In addition to all of Ben & Jerry's euphoric flavors, there have been a few famous flops along the way.
Joining her on this euphoric trance night will be Judge Jules and Matt Hardwick, while the backroom gets a Latin-style work-out courtesy of Nic Fanciulli's Fandango Party.
Now, just six days before his girls' team begins its quest for a division championship, Simpson hasn't completely emerged from his euphoric state.
Albums l THE Euphoric Breakdown albums have put out mixes of varying degrees of quality but they're onto a sure-fire winner with their brave stab at Euphoric Disco Breakdown.
Then there's the family tree that's so confusing it ridicules the notion of genetic transference, and the wall of 49 portraits that describes the "family of man" as a process of coming to terms with difference rather than a state of euphoric oneness.
This is an instant piece of chart fodder, a crossover tune that aims to provide instant clubber's nostalgia, reaching back to the euphoric peaks of an enchanted evening.
I really think it was a euphoric moment, right or wrong.
Heroin and morphine hijack this system to produce a euphoric high but they are also very powerful pain relieving drugs.
Generations of teens have swilled excessive amounts of cough syrups containing dextromethorphan to reach an euphoric state - teens refer to the practice as ``Robotripping,'' named for the cough syrup Robitussin.
l Christian Dior Diorific Plastic Shine in Euphoric Rose, pounds 13.
The show was decisive for me as well: I've always remembered it as an almost euphoric moment.
So much so, that industry professionals are right to fear a repeat of the late 1990's when a heady, euphoric journey ended in a car crash.