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a man who has been castrated and is incapable of reproduction


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She employs it to cover bodily disabilities and 'oddities' including muteness, blindness, lameness, pock-marked complexion, eunuchism, and giantism.
When the false eunuch is said to bear a facies liberalis, the "well-favoured" look of a free man, Terence is not only pointing out the imposter's citizen status but also juxtaposing the two slave characters in terms of freedom versus fixity, one's unmarked pallor and unverifiable eunuchism versus the other's evident and immutable blackness.
Such a separation is artificial, however, since the pilgrim's eunuchism and his blackness are equally and inextricably meaningful properties.
Beth suggested in 1967 that despite legal realist criticism, in the last two hundred years the common law tradition had increasingly encouraged a reluctance to engage in creative jurisprudence which amounted to "judicial eunuchism.
Physical proximity to the capital and widespread poverty contributed to a strong tradition of eunuchism in local society south of the capital.