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Synonyms for eulogize


Synonyms for eulogize

Synonyms for eulogize

praise formally and eloquently


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New Delhi [India], December 8 ( ANI ): After the Delhi Government today cancelled the licence of Max Hospital Shalimar Bagh, the father of the children declared dead by the hospital eulogized the decision.
BEIRUT: Syria's ambassador to the United Nations eulogized a leading Orthodox bishop as "an opponent of all forms of foreign intervention, especially American," in the Syrian crisis, state-run news agency SANA said Sunday.
Summary: Waco: President Barack Obama on Thursday eulogized 12 firefighters who were among 14 people .
DeChant sets the scene for each entry by introducing the eulogized and eulogizer.
The report also eulogized Turkey's foreign policy," he said.
Alex may be getting eulogized as rock's "forgotten boy," but to us fans, he'll always be our big star.
President Peres eulogized slain minister Ze'evi and claimed that he once called for a 'State of Yishmael.
His sister Vanessa, supported by her three siblings, eulogized Sellen.
Many statesmen, newspapers, and leading representatives of the Protestant, Jewish, and Muslim faiths all graciously eulogized him and recalled his countless efforts on behalf of peace and to alleviate the human suffering caused by war.
The 1960s--by which we usually mean the late '60s and early '70s--have been mythologized in a number of ways; exploited by conservatives, who have adopted the insurrectionary tactics originally developed by the Left; eulogized by the popular-music industry; and skewered by writers like Michel Houellebecq, whose novels explore the fallout of the sexual revolution.
In 1969, Black Arts leader Amiri Baraka eulogized Henry Dumas as "an underground deity" who, before bullets felled him in 1968, was "glowing in ascension.
The noble social experiment of the '60s and '70s known as the commune is eulogized with decidedly mixed feelings in Together, a charming comedy from the Swedish director of Show Me Love.
Joey Ramone's beautifully weird-looking body had barely gone cold when he was eulogized not simply as the vocalist for arguably the most influential band of the past 30 years but as a politically engaged performer whose progressive bona fides were every bit as undeniable as those of Sting, Bono, and Barbra Streisand.
Although she could be eulogized as the first woman in the Arab world to run for the office of President, Um Khalil will be memorialized instead for her good and charitable works on behalf of Palestinian women and the poor.