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a formal expression of praise for someone who has died recently

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As one might expect, pride of place goes to the great chronicles of the reign: the Anonimalle Chronicle, the Eulogium, the St.
Eulogium historiarum sive temporis: Chronicon ah orbe condito usque ad annum domini M.
In Emma, sentimental art becomes the touchstone not of elevated passions but rather of opportunistic eulogium worthy of Mr.
21: 183-84) Narrator: "Commiseration for Benjamin Hughes, Eulogium on human .
of Poetry yet; but I have been after it ever since it appeared and your eulogium of it spurs me on again to read it.
This objection to eloquence is therefore its highest eulogium.
In the late performance of The Revenge, the representative of Alonzo appeared to us alone entitled to the eulogium due to eminence, and the well-known talents of Mr P.
A common funerary eulogium for good wives is univira conservatrix, which also presupposes the ideal of "undeflected commitment" to one man; see Stehle 1989, 148; Pearce 1974; and cf.
Ravenel, he too allows the rhetorics of home front and battlefield to mingle, closing "with a fervent eulogium on [Carter's] character as a man and his services as a soldier, forgetting that he had sometimes drunk too deeply, and that there were suspicions against him of other vices.
Sure I am, that good-nature and candour, charity, humanity, and compassion for the infirmities of man in his most abject state, and consequently an abhorrence of cruelty, persecution, and violence, the principal moral he seems to inculcate in his great work, were the glorious virtues and predominant good qualities of his soul, and must transmit his name to the latest ages with every eulogium due to so exalted a character.
Bamberger, 24): "I have observed the demon of vainglory being chased by nearly all the other demons, and when his pursuers fell, shamelessly he drew near and unfolded a long list of his virtues"; Peri logismon 15, De octo spiritibus 15; Tractatus ad Eulogium 20, 28.