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an orator who delivers eulogies or panegyrics

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Linde is a secular eulogist by trade, and in that thematic rein, the reader is reminded with the recurring words, "sehr geehrte Trauergemeinde," (Timm, Rot 19) that the first-person narrator "halt genaugenommen seine eigene Beerdigungsrede" (Wilczek 133).
The eulogist was correct in predicting that Lasser's influence would continue as it has through the continuing publication of Your Income Tax and its many imitators and through the J.
On November 10, writers Peter Baker and Clifford Krauss headlined, "President, at Service, Hails Fort Hood's Fallen (in assuming) the role of national eulogist (and leading) the country in mourning.
11 (ANI): Many soldiers and relatives expressed a tearful gratitude to US President Barack Obama for taking on the role of a national eulogist here on Tuesday to help them grieve for those killed and injured last week by a US Army Muslim psychiatrist.
She was the youngest person on the Columbia campus," wrote her Columbia eulogist Cassius J.
It is an easy association to make--Ahab, the man of "fixed purpose" and an "iron soul," Jackson the "Iron President," as his contemporaries called him, not only for his triumph over physical infirmities (he was probably the only president to endorse a patent medicine), but also for what one eulogist described, without irony, as his "amazing inflexibility of will.
This collection, developed from lectures presented at 2004 international conferences on Zweig at Jerusalem and Beer Sheva, includes commentary on his influences as well as his work, including such topics as Zweig's emulation of Erasmus, Zweig's take on individualism, his influence on European intellectual life, the continuing impact of his World of Yesterday, his politics and interest in Christianity, his adaptation of Tolstoy's The Death of Ivan Illych, his attitude toward Schnitzlers, his approach to the demonic, his position as Austria eulogist, and his approach to assimilation, gender identity and public theater.
Sam Martin, QFF editor and eulogist, (left) and Mel Korn of the J.
William Kintner, the official eulogist, described their college days when they ``were partners in crime.
23) In the words of her Holy Names eulogist, it was "due to her intelligence and her love of study [that] she continued, after her entry into our Community, to increase her learning and she became one of our most competent English teachers.
Consentiamo ch'ei ci narri la sua vita di peregrinazioni e di canto, ricomponiamo la svariata odissea di questo giovine trovatore,' wrote his first eulogist, the Neapolitan Achille De Lauzieres, in 1846, 'che errando di citta in citta, segna le dimore con le inspirazioni, e lascia in ogni terra il suo canto, come la rondine peregrina lascia il suo lamento su d'ogni croce di tempio, ove va a posarsi nell'affannoso viaggio.
Le Roy thus deftly mobilizes another element of the Symposium--namely, the hierarchy between the procreation of the body and the production of the soul--to valorize his own contribution, as eulogist, to the pursuit of immortality.
Charlie" Porter, the former congressman and firebrand activist whom one eulogist said "epitomized Eugene - friendly, offbeat, com- passionate.
Concerning John's namesake, Lancelot "Capability" Brown, the landscape gardener, a eulogist wrote in 1767, "To paint his works would Poussin's Powers require, / Milton's sublimity and Dryden's .