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the study of methods of improving genetic qualities by selective breeding (especially as applied to human mating)

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The eugenically minded Wrinch believed that well-educated women should maintain high birthrates, and that to encourage this, the government should invest in caregiving.
The children who were lost to infant mortality--the objects of contemplation in the anxious discussion about what must be done--were clearly imagined as precious and important, as economic and political assets to Alberta, not as potential dangers to the population, as was the case with the imaginary children whom the eugenically sterilized might have borne, or the "undesirable" immigrants who might have flooded into Alberta had they not been stopped.
A minimum wage was seen to operate eugenically through two channels: by deterring prospective immigrants (Henderson, 1900) and also by removing from employment the "unemployable," who, thus identified, could be, for example, segregated in rural communities or sterilized.
The BIA employees, in words Matthew Frye Jacobson uses to describe the era's political debates, used "race-based, eugenically driven" rhetoric, which allowed them to "[press] long-standing racial idioms into the service of a familiar argument about what constitutes good material for citizenship.
By the mid-1930s, 35 states had enacted laws "to compel the sexual segregation and sterilization of certain persons viewed as eugenically unfit, particularly the mentally ill and retarded, habitual criminals, and epileptics," Edward J.
As Wray notes, eugenically informed antimiscegenation laws, such as the Racial Integrity Act, "were directed primarily at people of color and at low-status, disreputable whites, the poor white trash who refused to uphold the color line" (82).
Moreover, this tropical medical turn to a concentration on the pathological specificities of certain racial groups as "carriers" or as eugenically degenerate was complemented in the domain of anthropology in Cuba at this time.
Evans worked at a time when the early Greeks were extolled as eugenically perfect specimens of the Aryan race, but he had no truck with this version of the origins of Europe.
But eugenically minded progressives advocated minimum wages precisely because binding minimums would cause job losses.
Eugenically inspired ideas concerning race and procreation were discredited in the Soviet Union, and Soviet women were not told to worry about their partner's "racial purity.
Having said this, while Nazism eugenically resolves facticity into the 'incessant decision' on what is sacer--'life that does not deserve to live'--Heidegger makes it correspond to a suspension of all decisions concerning life, that is, an acknowledgement of the impossibility of isolating bare life.
In Brave New World, Huxley condemns recreational drug use with the same intensity as he does anti-intellectualism, mindless popular entertainment, sexual promiscuity, materialism, and eugenically enforced race and class inequality.
The theoretical and social implications of this reinterpretation go beyond recognising that there has been an unbroken eugenic narrative from the 'old' paternalistic, brazenly discriminative early 20th-century eugenics through to the mid-century's socially aware, eugenically aligned advice for individuals seeking to form a successful family.
This portrayal of minority men is only alluded to in Frances Fukuyama and, separately, Samuel Huntington's work on immigration but is evident in the eugenically oriented texts that emerged in the 1990s (e.
Pilkington worked as a marriage guidance counsellor, to help couples make eugenically healthy decisions about whether or not to marry.