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the study of methods of improving genetic qualities by selective breeding (especially as applied to human mating)

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Bell Supreme Court case made eugenical sterilization the law of the land.
Donald Childs (38-57) has persuasively shown how the eugenical values that motivate Bradshaw's policing of bad blood carry over into Lady Bruton's emigration scheme, the character of the Christian Doris Kilman (modeled upon Jean Thomas, the proprietor of the Sussex sanatorium where Woolf received treatment), Clarissa's ruminations on her daughter's Mongolian features, and even the narrator's description of Septimus's loose-lipped profile.
7) Virginia's Eugenical Sterilization law was affirmed in 1926 in the US Supreme Court's eight-one decision in Buck v Bell.
Henry Hamilton Laughlin (1880-1943), a major advocate of compulsory sterilization in the United States, proposed a model Eugenical Sterilization Law that was an inspiration for the Virginia law that authorized Carrie Buck's sterilization.
Their obsequious orchestrations and emphasis on the importance of creating a better race of humans was, of course, nonsense, eugenical hucksterism.
Through the eugenical forces of Social Darwinism, disparities in social standing were explained away by racial means: scientists categorized all Jews to be a singular biological threat and degenerative drag on gentile society, whether established bourgeois or impoverished immigrant.
Medical genetics, on the other hand, disavowed its eugenical roots and concentrated on uncovering relatively simple genetic disorders that crossed racial boundaries.
19) See Donald Childs, Modernism and Eugenics: Woolf, Eliot, Yeats and the Culture of Degeneration (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2001), for an extensive treatment of Yeats's early engagement with eugenical ideas.
Laughlin, Eugenical Sterilization, 1926: Historical, Legal and Statistical Review in the United States (New Haven, Conn.
Not unlike his very public role in the passage of the immigration restrictions in the early 1920s, when he proudly took up the position of "Expert Eugenical Agent" to testify before the Congressional committees on the biological quality of various national populations, Laughlin took it upon himself to survey the field of sterilization legislation and to advocate vigorously for further activity.
64) A change to the name of the Eugenical News was recommended to avoid the negative connotations of the word "eugenics," which the auditors suggested was "not a science.
I have no doubt that Dr Lawrence Gruer and the other medics making this quasi- eugenical call would have done very well for themselves back in Hitler's Germany.
Bell, (196) which now shocks our consciences in light of the extremes to which eugenical sterilization was subsequently carried out in this country and Nazi Germany, did not strike Brandeis and six other Justices at that time as either legally or morally suspect given the contemporary state of scientific knowledge.
Laughlin's "Model Eugenical Sterilization Law" and transcripts from Buck v.
That is, the "purging of blood" from (pure) white America meant eliminating "deteriorating" influences, influences which could be spotted-by eugenical "experts"-directly on the "deteriorating" white body.