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Synonyms for eudaemonic

producing happiness and well-being


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To be happy or to be self-fulfilled: a review of research on hedonic and eudaemonic well-being.
By means of a provocative reference to Lionel Trilling's discussion of "the fate of pleasure," Hartman intimates that Kermode's position "glides over an abyss" and thereby unintentionally participates in "the eudaemonic nihilism of a liberal, progressive politics" (61).
If it leads to anything at all, it is to an unillusioned recognition of reality, what is the case, whether we wish it so or no--together with an undiminished resolve to act without eudaemonic fictions.
She demonstrates how transplanted Africans in Jamaica have accepted Christianity while subverting its symbols to express an African heritage more oriented towards healing than otherworldly redemption, and towards eudaemonic harmony rather than moral rationalism.