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a contented state of being happy and healthy and prosperous

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In connection with the signature strengths to be identified to achieve eudaemonia, Seligman (the originator of positive psychology) and his colleagues conducted "a 70-nation study" which yielded "a classification of strengths and virtues"
For Maimonides, intellect also offers the key to eudaemonia, or human well-being.
For Aristotle, the end of the ethical life should be personal fulfillment, or eudaemonia.
Doyne Farmer, the group's central figure, chose the adjective eudaemonic based on his dictionary's definition of eudaemonia as "a state of felicity or bliss obtained by a life lived in accordance with reason" (p.
Hence, the root of eudaemonia is "self-sufficiency" (109768): "the self-sufficient we now define as that which when isolated makes life desirable and lacking in nothing; and such we think happiness to be" (1097b14-16).
In addition, the type of Greek citizenship held up as the Aristotelian ideal embodied notions of personhood as a means to the attainment of eudaemonia.
This is the motivating psychology inherent in the configuration of any given stage: thus it is rightly said that within each individual station on the journey of consciousness, the operative force is eudaemonia, a mind acting purposively in search of a state of restful happiness.
Aristotle calls this supreme and self-sufficient good eudaemonia or happiness.