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relating to geometry as developed by Euclid


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According to the HCA results, the common bean cultivars were divided into 4 groups when a Euclidian distance at 1.
For the HCA we performed z-score standardization by variable on all 14 variables and requested Euclidian distances between the 121 cases with average between-groups linkage.
Virginia cities and counties exercise the Euclidian zoning power.
And there are several usual methods such as Euclidian distance and so on.
i]] - Euclidian length of vector i [-]; [alpha] - angle between vector i and the horizontal axis [[degrees]].
a vector whose Euclidian length is very small that is not contained in a hyperplane generated by a sublist of X.
He begins by interpreting signs from Euclid about the meaning of geometry as it applies to Berkinski, observes an abstraction, gives common beliefs about Euclid and his work, shows that the work is actually darker by definition, gives the axioms an backs them up in a new way with visible and invisible proof, explains "the devil's offer, "exercises the Euclidian joint stock company, and elucidates Euclid's triumphant management of the elements of plane geometry.
For the sample unit (hidden layer neuron) to be radially symmetric it must have the three following elements: Centre, the input domain vector usually saved in the output layer weights vector in the sample unit; Measurements of distance, the measures which define the distance of the input vector from the centre; it is usually the standard Euclidian measure of distance; Transfer function, the function of a single variable.
isogloss boundaries, and Euclidian Binary multi-dimension scaling plots.
Distances were the sum of Euclidian distance to 3 cities with population size (D3L) or density in the 90th percentile.
For each reference measurement point on the disc, the Euclidian distance to the closest automatically detected check region was calculated.
In the next step, we create a Euclidian distance from each coordinate to all the other coordinates.