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relating to geometry as developed by Euclid


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Consider a WSN with N nodes deployed uniformly and randomly in an area S = 1 x 1, where two of them can communicate if their Euclidian distance is less than the identical transmission range, [r.
The first step consists in determining if mar perception space is Euclidian or not.
These surrounding nodes denote the Euclidian distance between the neighboring nodes, and allow visualization of the cluster structure on the map: the lighter the color, the smaller the distance between two nodes on the grid.
Trajectory appearance and directly-accessible migration parameters, such as the Euclidian distance, did not allow to distinguish between different biomaterials.
The function V = GCD (x, y) is computed using and simpler GCD algorithms such as Euclidian Algorithm.
Euclidian metric analysis showed that isolates from the CSO sources contained 41 different resistance patterns compared with 15 among NPS isolates.
argus en el archipielago de San Andres, calculadas con y sin efecto alometrico TABLE 2 Euclidian distances between males and females of P.
This 'crunch' function receives as input the Euclidian distance between the two chrominance points, the a* coordinate and the b* coordinate, and outputs its adjusted value.
The text begins with a review of required math, such as permutation groups, rings and Euclidian domains, and finite fields with Maple and MATLAB.
Each set of translational displacements can be further expressed as Euclidian distance errors.
A data set of reference patterns in a multidimensional feature space is required to establish the learning of this classifier, where the Euclidian distance is the most common metric.
Among their missions was a strong emphasis on education; and thanks to the efforts of Christopher Clavius, their mathematical teachings were firmly established on the principles of Euclidian geometry.
The Hierarchical Clustering Analysis (HCA) was performed adopting the Ward's method and the Euclidian distance as the dissimilarity measure using the plant growth parameters of each cultivar.
When a coordinate pair is searched in the dictionary, the pair that has the lowest Euclidian distance to the searched pair is considered as the best match and corresponding angles are used to construct the joint angle.
The same relation holds in Euclidian distance as the wavelet based technique has shown maximum deviation and LBP has shown minimum.