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a card game similar to ecarte


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"He really euchred me there," says Novak with a grin.
Because aging is considered synonymous with physical and mental decline, old people are euchred into greater dependency and powerlessness than their actual physical of mental limitations would produce, writes Cruikshank.
Many good people have been euchred into falling for the current fool's gold--politicians and lobbyists calling for "universal healthcare." The American Association of Health Plans (insurance industry), the American Medical Association, the pharmaceutical oligopoly and our waffling leaders embrace this mush, touting failed incremental programs, vouchers, defined benefits and other tactics that booby-trap single-payer reform to aid continued corporate control.
Father Prieur, on the other hand, fears that because governments are forcing hospitals to merge with public ones, "we may find ourselves euchred out." "I think that the answer to that,' Grisez says, "is that going out of business is not the worst thing in the world." He believes that the days of Catholic hospitals may be over.
He said that even a mule had to look pretty sharp when there were soldiers around or he'd get euchred out of his corn.