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a simple form inferred as the common basis from which related words in several languages can be derived by linguistic processes

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There are also words that do not follow such derivation: so [[phrase omitted]] 'three' (< *se), (5) [bi'jorda] 'he brought' (< *ar- < *awar-), and these words of obscure etymon: [[phrase omitted]] 'pressure', [[phrase omitted]] 'cough'.
Vaba 2015 : 269), weswegen beispielsweise als Etymon fur den in Berzaune (selonisches Dialektgebiet) aufgezeichneten historischen Flussnamen Mudsa Rivus (ca.
Even so, scholars do not consider the heady mix of authority and fatality connoted by the mace to be massacre's sole etymon. The thirteenth-century philologist, John of Garland, glosses macacre with the neo-Latin macella, meaning 'shambles', a stall for the sale of meat, or the action of butchering meat for sale; the same root is observed in macellarious, which also pertains to the meat market.
Dan Tilque remarks in regards to Mark Isaak's article "Etymons Gone Wild" in the August 2016 WW
It is Young's aim to show the correspondences in form as well as meaning between the lemma and its supposed etymon by demonstrating a resemblance in terms of sounds, especially consonants, and by constructing a semantic bridge.
In fact, the French etymon has the same meaning: "dispositif destine a donner un signal" (Larousse 1999).
Again, the Benuaq term for the substance of 'brain' and '(bone) marrow' is lain, which is a replacement innovation of PMP *hutek 'brain; marrow.' PAN and PMP *qulu 'head,' which at PMP level already displayed a number of additional meanings such as 'top part; leader, chief; headwaters; handle of a bladed implement etc.' is reflected as uluq 'handle (of various tools),' while the innovated puaq filled the lacuna of 'head.' The reflex of PMP *hutek 'brain; marrow' was not lost though, but replaced the (not uncontested) PMP etymon *batuk3 'skull,' as utak 'skull.' This seems to be a rare semantic development in Bornean, and indeed WMP languages, where reflexes tend to either retain the meaning unit 'brain; marrow' (e.g.
Our approach is mainly descriptive and tackles the semantics of TC terms with respect to the meanings of their English etymon (as recorded in the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary).
From the linguistic point of view, the etymon "sustain", from which the term "sustainability" originates, derives from sustentare (sustinere), a Latin verb that designates verbal actions of a similar content.