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(historical linguistics) an explanation of the historical origins of a word or phrase

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The OED characterizes Welsh rarebit as "an etymologizing alteration of [Welsh rabbit]," pointing out the lack of independent evidence for [non-Welsh] rarebit.
By removing language from the philosophy of mind and supplying a set of methodological principles for linguistic study, the new philology rendered irrelevant the speculative etymologizing Home Tooke had popularized a generation earlier.
39-42, 64-69), etymologizing (70-74), translation (75-83), Ramistic elaboration of species (87ff.
A variant version of the theme appears in fifteenth-century English drama, in the N-town cycle (in East Anglian dialect), where Gabriel, etymologizing Ave as |A vae', greets the Virgin with the words:
Nevertheless, it is highly hypothetical and clearly etymologizing.
The same processes can, of course, be revealed through etymologizing of non-Finnic vocabulary as well (e.
When faced with a problem, the Westerners have resorted to etymologizing and hunting for foreign words and foreign influences.