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(historical linguistics) an explanation of the historical origins of a word or phrase

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The author is etymologizing scopulus from [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (Graeca translatione).
greater creative lengths in his etymologizing, attributing unfalsifiable
There is, furthermore, some evidence of less than perfect mastery of the range of languages on which the study draws: dodgy etymologizing sustains forced connections between languages and cultural traditions (does English really speak of 'forgetters' and 'forgottenness', or of 'obliviscence'?
The OED characterizes Welsh rarebit as "an etymologizing alteration of [Welsh rabbit]," pointing out the lack of independent evidence for [non-Welsh] rarebit.
German romantic philology was initially imported into England because it seemed to provide an arsenal against the speculative etymologizing of Horne Tooke, a tradition that, beginning in the empiricism and associationism of Lockean thought, had been taken over in the nineteenth century by such proponents of rationalism and materialism as Jeremy Bentham and James Mill.
Of course, the bilingual situation of ancient Rome is a given, and Greek etymologizing runs rampant--just as it does between Latin and the medieval vernaculars.
16) "When Augustine juxtaposes etymologizing and dream interpretation, he is coming down on one side of a longstanding classical debate about the nature of hermeneutics.
By removing language from the philosophy of mind and supplying a set of methodological principles for linguistic study, the new philology rendered irrelevant the speculative etymologizing Home Tooke had popularized a generation earlier.
offers us a systematic study of etymologizing in the Aeneid, which relates the etymological resonances of proper names to the `semantic environment' in which they occur.
That is to say, just as `Apollonius connects the disputed Homeric hapax [GREEK WORD NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], `morning twilight', with Lycia and derives [GREEK WORD NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] from KEAP', so another etymologizing poet may have found in [GREEK WORD NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] an allusion to the many uses of [GREEK WORD NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] and its cognates of sacrifice.
He recognized that there was a "psychological factor" motivating folk etymologizing, namely that when people are invited to engage in a search for meaning, they are prone to finding explanations that seem credible, regardless of their basis in fact.
geisa in etymologizing gast (in spite of the warning in T.
Each chapter follows a pattern of analyzing the logic of the transition from the previous story, the structure of the episode itself and its connection with the ongoing themes, and finally the etymologizing or wordplay which Ovid uses to reinforce these themes.
39-42, 64-69), etymologizing (70-74), translation (75-83), Ramistic elaboration of species (87ff.
Venus, Varro and the Vates: Toward the Limits of Etymologizing Interpretation.