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Synonyms for etymologize

give the etymology or derivation or suggest an etymology (for a word)


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construct the history of words

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The reader should note, however, that I am not concerned here with establishing the true etymology of [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] and [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], but with exploring how Hesiod chose to etymologize and define them for the specific purposes of his poetry.
Here again Hesiod carefully etymologizes the word for us: Nereus is [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] because he [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
New etymologies (often of proper names, notoriously difficult to etymologize) regularly rely on haplology (e.g., pp.
Ka:remede): "name of a Tamilian town (originally Irula)"; the authors etymologize the name as ka:re + motta "thorny Irula hamlet," cf.
They etymologize the word, trying to derive it from either swr or sr.
Marie-Laure Ryan etymologizes "immersion" as "being inside a mass substance," such as an ocean, and "presence" as "being in front of a well-delineated entity," such as a coral reef (Narrative 68; emphases in the original).
93), or etymologizes it by explaining that it is a valley enclosed (Rime 117, v.
The JU passage etymologizes avimukta as the unliberated soul, the seat of the atman, and varanasi as the internal functions that ward off and destroy the evil done by the senses.
Schmitt, in Radner and Schmitt 1998, where he aptly etymologizes the NA form as Old Iranian (*)Ary-uka-.
The Shiannday Hannyeu tsyrdean, however, lists a form zhumd [juuma], which it etymologizes with Arabic jum'a.
Chapter 3 deals with etymologies of certain words and word classes in Brahui; chapter 7 etymologizes Br.