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small ornamental ladies' bag for small articles

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The 45-page publication is available from the ETUI at a price of Euro 10.
Organiser: ETUI (European Trade Union Institute Date: May 14, Venue: Brussels, Information: 5 Bd du Roi Albert II, 1201 Brussels, Tel: (+32) 2/ 224 0470, Fax: (+32) 2/ 224 0502, E-mail:, Web site:* The economics of information society and * Who would you like to see as European Commission president?: These are a half-day conference on May 15 and a Balloon Debate on May 28 respectively.
We must make clear to the public that the new members will bring in their valuable experience, culture and history to build this united Europe", said European Trade Union Confederation's Secretary-General Emilio Gabaglio in his introductory speech at the joint ETUC and ETUI conference on the role of the trade unions in the enlargement process, held earlier in October in Bad M?nder in Germany.
DOWN: 1 Cleaver 2 Concerto 3 Beta 4 Corporal 5 Etui 6 Perth 8 Standoffish 13 Alter ego 14 Extended 15 Uproots 18 Islam 20 Moon 21 City.
The 451 lot sale also features a black opal and diamond dress ring valued at PS2,500 and an 18th century silver, gold and diamond etui - a case for holding needles or cosmetics - which is expected to sell for around PS7,000.
That is, the CPA clause is usually bipartite when etui is accompanied by a single noun phrase, whereas it is tripartite when etui occurs with both a subject and a predicate.
In sandarac etui for sepulchre lies the cered body of a poisoned queen; and in her mouth and hair, and at her feet, and in the grey folds of her winding-sheet, there sifts a dreamy powder, smooth and green.