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Synonyms for etiquette

Synonyms for etiquette

socially correct behavior

Words related to etiquette

rules governing socially acceptable behavior

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Year 11 student Sydney Adams (above), serving Deborah Brown and Sabaoh Phiri; left, William Hanson giving etiquette advice at the seminar for staff and business partners at Grace Academy
Providing top notch service is the name of the game for Etiquette Bridal Couture and each bride will be treated like royalty from the minute they enter through the decadent doors of the highly-coveted bridal boutique.
"They often have no idea when it comes to basic manners and etiquette, and if the parents have no idea then there's not much hope for the children."
Eye contact is another key point of etiquette that should be encouraged, he believes, as a lack of it could suggest a person is lying or is insecure.
SO Famous will launch corporate etiquette courses in February in partnership with the Finishing Academy UK.
"People who display poor etiquette demonstrate to management that they are not suitable for a promotion," she stated.
Milner received a TaylorMade golf bag embroidered with the words "Etiquette Champion" for his efforts over the last three months.
The course culminates with the formal six-course lunch where the children have to tackle table manners, polite conversation, etiquette and, most challenging of all, six sets of cutlery.
"The book is a replica of my noisy, colorful and active workshops," says the author who, in addition to running En Vogue, the Middle East's sole finishing and modeling institute, is a beautiful example of good manners and old-fashioned etiquette. She has a presence in the room, emphasized by a controlled walk and posture.
We school them in impression management, business and social etiquette, dining, communication mastery, telephone etiquette, body language, personal and professional branding and leadership skills."
Percentage of respondents who think it's a violation of beach and pool etiquette for men to wear speedos: 35
Multi-Color Corporation (MCC), strongly focused in the wine label market, has acquired Monroe Etiquette, a French wine label printer.
Etiquette consultant; co-director of Career Services, Student Development and Counseling Center at Assumption
Practicing disability etiquette is an easy way to make them welcome.
Debrett's Etiquette for Girls offers the ultimate girls' guide to etiquette and comes from a commissioning editor at the Sunday Times.