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Synonyms for etiologist

a specialist in the etiology of diseases

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The event was hosted by extension etiologist Anita Oberholster, a South African phenolics guru 1 have followed for several years.
Brown's critique of trauma as an evaluative system that disenfranchises the marginal--"`Real trauma' is often only that form of trauma in which the dominant group can participate as a victim rather than as the perpetrator or etiologist of the trauma"(1)--is realized at times in Farrell's work.
This tendency may go back to such influential etiologists of longing as its seventeenth-century originator Johannes Hofer or its turn-of-the-century student Karl Jaspers, whose dissertation scrutinised nostalgia to consider its link to crime.
Etiologists study the causes and transmission of, and the cures and preventions for diseases.