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Synonyms for etiological

of or relating to the philosophical study of causation

relating to the etiology of a disease

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Present study was conducted with the objectives to find the etiological distribution of XY DSD according to new classification and determine the most commonly encountered clinical features among our XY DSD patients.
Based on the etiological detection, a type of linear discriminant analysis was used to discriminate between normal pregnant women and those with PPROM.
In fact, the reduction of autolysis and growth of saprophytic clostridia proportionated by formalin-fixed tissues increased the positive predictive value of etiological diagnosis (RAMOS-VARA et al.
Positive and negative controls for these etiological agents were added to the reaction, to validate the PCR to B.
The importance of screaming and yelling, as a causative etiological factor of vocal cord lesions in children has also been emphasized.
The etiological agents identified were parasites (70.
If progressive regression in US measurements of lymph nodes is detected without any clinical evidence of an inflammatory disease, this signifies reactive hyperplasia which is the most frequent encountered etiological factor of cervical lymphadenopathies.
Most common etiological factors were anorectal conditions, urogenital disorders and trauma.
Proper evaluation of the disease with its etiological factors is, henceforth needed.
Herein, we present two rare cases of TC in children, which totally differ from the recently established pattern, their clinical presentation, as well as etiological aspects, as we discuss this potential new etiological pattern of the disease focusing on our retrospective and clinical observation.
Conclusion: UGI endoscopy proved an appropriate diagnostic tool and provided a good knowledge about the etiological pattern of non-variceal upper GI bleeding.
Iron deficiency anemia is the most common etiological diagnosis of severe anemia.
The objectives of this study were to enumerate and evaluate the etiological factors and the pattern of presentation of radicular cysts in a tertiary care centre in Pakistan.
The etiological classification of AIS was performed according to the TOAST classification (9).
Despite conventional wisdom suggesting an etiological link between major depression and adolescent obesity, a study found no independent association between major depression and body weight in a sample of adolescents aged 11-17 years.