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Synonyms for etiologic

of or relating to the philosophical study of causation

relating to the etiology of a disease

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Confounding" is an important issue in etiologic studies.
Investigators look for ways in which etiologic agents could have contaminated food, survived, and propagated.
Streptococcus mutans species have been shown to be the commonest etiologic agents of caries.
Since the focus of the study was firearm related injuries, we chose those injured in motor vehicle crashes for comparisons because motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of spinal cord injury; and this is the only etiologic based group with a membership large enough and having adequately similar attributes to provide practical comparisons.
The etiologic agents in both vehicles are the same and the regulations regarding both products must be the same as well.
in the absence of such evidence, an etiologic organic factor can be presumed if the disturbance cannot be accounted for by any non-organic mental disorder, e.
An analysis of the incidence and antimicrobial susceptibilities of etiologic agents An estimation of the current antibiotic treatment costs and market size by infection site An assessment of key unmet needs and new product development
An etiologic agent was identified in 89% of the 161 outbreaks tested by molecular methods.
However, fulfilling Koch's postulates through experimental infections is required to draw conclusions about an etiologic diagnosis.
For example, diseases such as asthma arise from dozens of etiologic agents.
The recently discovered human metapneumovirus may play a direct etiologic role in acute asthma exacerbations in adults, a prospective observational study suggests.
School of Medicine) also outline key characteristic pathologic findings and provide prognostic, pathogenic, and etiologic information.
There is a known etiologic link between this malignancy and exposure to radiation, either environmental or therapeutic.
Today, if the family is cited as an etiologic factor in schizophrenia, the context is likely to be genetics or prenatal exposure to influenza or malnutrition.
Is it conclusive that [HHV8] plays an etiologic role?