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Synonyms for etiologic

of or relating to the philosophical study of causation

relating to the etiology of a disease

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Cutaneous vasculitis in children and adults: associated diseases and etiologic factors in 303 patients.
In addition an etiologic diagnosis provides for a more accurate prognosis20,21.
Among females most common etiology for atrial fibrillation was rheumatic heart disease (34.4%) followed by hypertension (5.6%) and CAD (5.6%) whereas in males the most common etiologic factor was CAD (12.8%) followed by RHD (11.2%) and hypertension (6.4%).
pneumoniae has been the most common etiologic agent identified.
A p value of equal or below 0.05 was utilized as a significant difference in detection of etiologic diagnosis by each factor, clinical feature, and investigation.
(Under Item 2 of the Food Sanitation Act, it was not possible to prohibit fishing while the cause was undetermined.) However, in Japan, even with no specific etiologic agent determined, the Food Sanitation Act has routinely been enacted when causal food and/or causal facility was determined.
The challenge agent used should be identical to the etiologic agent that causes the human disease.
The investigators were able to determine the etiologic agents causing mastoiditis in 60 children (49%).
The recently discovered human metapneumovirus may play a direct etiologic role in acute asthma exacerbations in adults, a prospective observational study suggests.
It has been reported that the etiologic agent in pneumonia is never identified in 50% of cases.
Etiologic case-control studies reverse the order of investigations and start at the end: individuals who have developed lung cancer (cases), the disease of interest, are compared with a group of individuals who are free of lung cancer (controls) and who represent source population from which the cases emerged.
Here Efron brings in etiologic theories of these conditions by both Jewish and Christian physicians.
Additionally, reporting requirements will apply when fire, leakage, spillage or suspected radioactive/infectious substance (etiologic agent) contamination occurs involving shipment of radioactive/infectious substances; or there has been a release of a marine pollutant in a quantity exceeding 450 liters (119 gallons) for liquids or 400 kilograms (882 pounds) for solids; or a situation exists at the scene of the incident, that in the judgement of the carrier, should be reported to the National Response Center (NRC) even though it may not meet the specific criteria identified above.
The color figures are of good quality, and each pattern is accompanied by a table describing all etiologic entities in which the particular morphologic landmark is found (eg, abscess formation in 26 different disease states and granulomas in 30).
The etiologic agents of all warts are a diverse group of viruses known as the human papillomaviruses (HPVs).