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a pale and sickly appearance

the act of weakening by stunting the growth or development of something

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(botany) the act of causing a plant to develop without chlorophyll by growing it without exposure to sunlight

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The total dry matter is the most important variable to be analyze when selecting the level of shading most suitable for plant development, since the greater length of the plantlets is not an indicative of a good plant, but it may reveal the occurrence of etiolation, as it can be observed in Figures 4 and 5, emphasizing that the greater lengths of the aerial part are correlated with the smallest diameters.
Induction of several new proteins in V-seedlings suggest that they may have been expressed in response to the near etiolation response induced by red light perceived by the plant.
Etiolation also results when there is a high ratio of red light, such as that provided by the typical household light bulb or incandescent lamp.
Etiolation has previously been noted in Antarctic bryophytes (Priddle, 1980a) and may be a complicating factor in interpretation of bandwidths.
Such forms of gradual etiolation and diminution may have reflected early stages of the cooptation of "mass" culture into other channels (music-hall performances, fiction, and eventually films), but this co-optation might itself be seen as one of the more ironic consequences of the gradual broadening of educational and literary opportunities.
In a masterful 1994 overview of the history, practice, and future of comparative literature George Steiner describes the etiolation of the field:
Lack of light turns a plant yellow in a condition termed etiolation.
The contrast between the social and romantic entanglements of the first half of the novel and what Brian Aldiss in his introduction calls "the alarming mathematics of diminishing numbers" emphasizes the etiolation of subjectivity in the time of the plague.
Philosophical discussions of colour are at an impasse due to the etiolation of the naturalistic doctrines of subjectivism and objectivism.
Diameter growth of yellow birch was indeed strongly related to soil resource congruence, but height growth was not, perhaps because of variation due to etiolation in low light conditions and to browsing by snowshoe hares.
By finding even Locke's limited fire wall too high (too intolerant, too limiting on human aspirations for individuality), later liberal thinkers hastened the etiolation of the liberal principle of toleration.
In addition, none of the more than 2000 seedlings showed obvious developmental abnormalities, such as etiolation, as might be expected from the exposure of recessive deleterious genes.
This caused lower crop growth and etiolation due to shading effect, which led to a decrease in the number of leaves (Ameri et al.
In the absence of light, the seedlings grew the longest shoots independent of temperature conditions (Table 3); thus, it is believed that dark conditions caused a hormonal imbalance, thus stimulating seedling etiolation in S.