ethyl chloride

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a colorless flammable gas used as a local surface anesthetic

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Police investigation revealed that these adolescents managed to get ethyl chloride comfortably and quite cheap through drug gangs, which some of their friends had an easy access to.
The vapocoolant spray contains ethyl chloride which serves as topical anesthetic agents.
Short-term inhalation of ethyl chloride may lead to temporary feeling of drunkenness, dizziness, lack of muscle coordination and unconsciousness.
Cooling can be achieved by placing ice cubes packed in aluminum foil or latex gloves,19 over the skin for more than 20 seconds or by spray of ethyl chloride vapocoolant spray with an immediate onset of action.20 Ice cubes are readily available in most clinics and ethyl chloride has been found to be equally effective as EMLA cream.
We used to freeze the skin by ethyl chloride spray for incision drainage of superficial abscesses.
The court heard the presenter's body was found next to a canister of ethyl chloride - a volatile compound with effects similar to amyl nitrate.
Dubai "I was 16 the first time I tried ethyl chloride."
Police advised residents between Prince Regent Street and the TJ Thompson scrap yard to stay indoors while firefighters dealt with empty drums, some reported to contain traces of ethyl chloride, a lung and eye irritant.
Just before giving the injection, spray Ethyl Chloride directly onto the child's skin to cool and numb the area of injection, then swab the area with antiseptic and quickly perform the desired activity.
Just before the injection is given, Ethyl Chloride can be sprayed onto a child's skin to cool and numb the area.
The Gebauer Company introduces Accu-Stream [TM], a new stream spray can application for Gebauer's Ethyl Chloride. Accu-Stream's s stream application joins recently introduced in a mist spray can.
Lidocaine gel, ethyl chloride, and 10% potassium hydroxide each have their advocates for tick removal, but these methods haven't been adequately studied.
The timepiece uses a heat-sensitive gas, ethyl chloride, to power it.
I hoped not to find out.) The sodium was then blended, I think, with molten lead made from huge ingots, and this sodium/lead mixture was mixed with ethyl chloride to make TEL.