ethyl alcohol

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nonflavored alcohol of 95 percent or 190 proof used for blending with straight whiskies and in making gin and liqueurs

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8 million litas of excise tax for ethyl alcohol, which was a staggering 22 percent--160.
Other spirit drinks'--such as Swedish punch--which can contain ethyl alcohol as well as flavors and sweeteners.
The waterless, 61% ethyl alcohol rub was completely ineffective in eliminating B.
Its most ambitious program involves ethyl alcohol (ethanol) produced from biomass, primarily sugar waste.
Blank tapes, electronics and ethyl alcohol account for the biggest volume of cargo brought to a Mexican port and then reshipped to the United States.
A solution of 2 mmoles of anhydrous europium chloride in 10 ml of ethyl alcohol is added to a hot solution of 8 mmoles of dibenzoylmethane and 8 mmoles of triethylamine in 60 ml of absolute ethyl alcohol.
Isopropanol, related to the potable ethyl alcohol, is harmless and completely water miscuble.
Formerly, the duties on alcoholic drinks varied from Rp 4,000 to Rp 200,000 and the content of ethyl alcohol from 2% to 45%.
Jonnes exonerates ethyl alcohol, that most ubiquitous of American intoxicants, as a social malefactor.
If the group is interested in getting a closer look through a microscope, you can opt to preserve one or two of each type of invertebrate in 70 percent ethyl alcohol solution.
What we've been using is ethyl alcohol, which is nearly 100% alcohol.
The workers' shoes were cleaned and disinfected with ethyl alcohol.
Ethanol: One can find ethanol, the ethyl alcohol of alcoholic beverages, in many liquid preparations, especially cough and cold products.
A: Ethyl alcohol is the world's most abused drug if we consider the economic and behavioral implications on society and the family.
The most common types of VOCs found in homes included ethyl alcohol (suspected of coming from fungi), halogenated hydrocarbons (probably from refrigerators and dry cleaning solvents) and terpenes from building wood.