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the univalent hydrocarbon radical C2H5 derived from ethane by the removal of one hydrogen atom

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The largest contributors to the [OAV.sub.pear] were the impressions for "exotic pear candy" (primarily characterised by isoamyl acetate) and "oily waxy pear-like" (characterised by ethyl hexanoate, ethyl decanoate).
The sub-fraction VS2 (2.5 g) which was subjected to repeated silica gel column chromatography eluting with n-hexane: ethyl acetate (2.5: 7.5) to get compound 1 (21 mg).
The food and beverage segment is likely to dominate the global ethyl acetate market over the forecast period due to the growing demand for artificial flavoring in food products.
After 30 DAS, maximum crop growth rate was recorded under Imazathapyr 10 SL @1.0 l [ha.sup.-1] followed by Quizalophop ethyl 5 EC @ 1.0 l [ha.sup.-1].
In duplicate, 100 [micro]L of an internal standard, prepared with 10 [micro]L of 98% 1-dodecanol (Aldrich; Oakville, Ontario) in 10ml of 100% ethyl alcohol was poured into 10ml volumetric flasks to volume.
Some individuals recommend summing 7 meconium FAEE (ethyl linolenate, palmitoleate, arachidonate, linoleate, palmitate, oleate, and stearate) and using a [greater than or equal to]2-nmol/g cutoff for heavy PAE (9, 10), whereas others sum fewer FAEE (11, 21).
In brief, changes in a class of esters --the ethyl esters--occurred soon after the oranges were taken out of cold storage.
Showa Esterindo Indonesia (SEI) and terminate its production of ethyl acetate in Indonesia.
Showa Denko has begun commercial operation of its new ethyl acetate plant at Oita Complex using its proprietary production process technology.
Ethyl pyruvate, a stable and simple lipophilic ester that originates from the endogenous metabolite pyruvate, has been shown to protect against inflammation and attenuates organ dysfunction in several animal models of clinical illnesses, such as burn injury, severe sepsis, and acute pancreatitis [32,33].
Present study was designed to evaluate the effect of ethyl acetate extract of Teucrium stocksianum on blood glucose level in alloxan induced diabetic rabbits.
Saudi International Petrochemical Company (Sipchem) announced the start-up of ethyl acetate (EA) & butyl acetate (BA) plant owned by Sipchem Chemicals Company (fully owned by Sipchem) at its complex in Jubail Industrial City on Friday.
SAUDI International Petrochemical Company (Sipchem) affiliate Sipchem Chemicals Company has signed a SR164.8 million ($43.9 million) loan facility agreement with Saudi Industrial Development Fund (SIDF) to support financing of the construction of an ethyl acetate and butyl acetate (EA/BA) plant.
The treatments consisted of five N rates (30, 60, 90, 120 and 150kg [ha.sup.-1]) combined with four rates of the growth retardant trinexapac-ethyl (4-cyclopropyl (hydroxy) methylene-3,5-carboxylate dioxa-cyclohexane ethyl) (0, 62.5, 125 and 187.5g [ha.sup.-1]).