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the branch of zoology that studies the behavior of animals in their natural habitats

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(1) Departments of ethology and (2) Blood Bank and Transfusion Medicine, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, FWadelphia, Fh.
Studies on ethology and eco-physiology of the antelopes of the Indian desert.
M2 EQUITYBITES-April 5, 2017-Tallwave Acquires US Digital Marketing Agency Ethology
The Grace of Destruction: A Vital Ethology of Extreme Cinemas.
He joins the ZOG Digital family from such prestigious organizations as Ethology, Gannett and Yodle.
19.3 (2014, special issue: Philosophical Ethology I: Dominique Lestel); 19.4 (2014, special issue: Cinema and Sacrifice: New Variations on an Old Theme); 20.1 (2015, special issue: Geophilosophies of Masculinity: Remapping Gender, Aesthetics and Knowledge); 20.2 (2015, special issue: Philosopical Ethology II: Vinciane Despret).
Co-author Dr Nicola Koyama, a senior lecturer in ethology at LJMU, said: "Judgment bias studies let us examine the effect of emotions on cognitive processes and are important measures for improving animal welfare.
Fresh carcasses lying around reduced a trap's effectiveness, though apparently not as terrifying warnings, the researchers report in an upcoming issue of Ethology. Living ants seemed to be drawn to dead ones.
Deleuze's Ethology, (1) Plane of Immanence and the Impersonal
Edited by a group of international experts in the field, this guide certainly goes for maximum effect: the style is accessible but not shallow, and the basic concepts are developed rigorously and with plenty of supporting information, Major sections deal with phylogenetics and the history of life, the mechanisms (tempo and mode, to borrow the title of Simpson's groundbreaking book) of natural selection and adaptation; specific evolutionary processes, from drift to mutation, with specific attention paid to migration, inbreeding, and evolution of mating systems; speciation; evolution of behavior and ethology; and, of course, the meaning and import of evolutionary theory to modern society.
The research is published in the current edition of Ethology, Ecology and Evolution.
The concluding section on "ethics as ethology" does not really go much beyond the undeveloped but suggestive remarks made by Deleuze in Spinoza's Practical Philosophy.
He told RTE's News at One: "The ethology is changing, a lot of these suicides or attempted suicide cases would be road traffic accidents."
She has combined established 'literary approaches to genre, language, gender and culture' with innovative 'perspectives from evolutionary biology, taxonomy, language acquisition, ethology and environmental studies' (p.