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a zoologist who studies the behavior of animals in their natural habitats

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Enninful obviously adores Meghan, as he wrote: "I never imagined that in my lifetime, someone of my color would or could enter the highest echelons of our royal family." Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, interviewed the legendary ethologist Dr.
Frans de Waal is a noted Dutch primatologist and ethologist.
De Waal holds that in one form or another, most 20th-century animal researchers swallowed whole the corollary and essentially Cartesian view that animals are "dumb automatons." Scientists in the behaviorist school studied animals in cages, viewing them as "stimulus-response machines out to obtain rewards and avoid punishment." Their contemporaries, ethologists, studied animals in their natural environments but also viewed them "as robots genetically endowed with useful instincts" (4).
Ethologist Adriaan Kortlandt once observed a wild chimp in the Congo "gaze at a particularly beautiful sunset for a full 15 minutes, watching the changing colors," forsaking his evening meal in the process.
Bekoff, a distinguished ethologist who has played an important role in improving our understanding of animal cognition, moves from a concern for the wellbeing of individual animals to strong commitments to species and landscape preservation.
His latest, "The Ivory Game," is in the current awards season conversation and Jane Goodall, world-renowned British primatologist, ethologist, anthropologist, and U.N.
The Italian philosopher and ethologist argues that human beings incorporate otherness through mimesis, a process that shapes both our biological life and our cultural sphere.
Explain that an ethologist is a scientist who studies animal behavior.
If I was a rock band I would be U2, as a classic rock song I would be Springsteen's Born To Run, if I lived in the Middle Ages I would be dead by 30 and if I was a genius I would be Dame Jane Goodall, the primatalogist, ethologist and anthropologist and UN Messenger of Peace.
Therefore, Wittgenstein naturalism is neither epistemological nor properly philosophical; moreover, Wittgenstein is a naturalistic philosopher when he describes human language in the same way an ethologist looks at animal behavior.
To make his own study of the grooves, Rico-Guevara with ethologist Kristiina Hurme coaxed 18 hummingbird species in the wild to sip on camera.
We might even say that in their exploration of animal territories Woolf and Lawrence display what the influential biologist and ethologist Jakob von Uexkiill described in the first decades of the twentieth century as the "Umwelt" of the animal: "All animal subjects," he writes, "from the simplest to the most complex, are inserted into their environments to the same degree of perfection.
As the French ethologist Dominique Lestel points out, research concerning great apes' linguistic ability always occur in the context of a communication between humans and apes in which humans are those who inquire (Lestel, 1998: 1006).
The eminent British primatologist, ethologist, and anthropologist Jane Goodall.
Desmond Morris, zoologist and ethologist, 87; Bamber Gascoigne, writer and broadcaster, 80; Neil Diamond, singer, pictured,74; Aaron Neville, R&B singer, 74; Michael Des Barres, singer/actor, 67; Adrian Edmondson, actor, 58; Jools Holland, musician/TV presenter, 57; Vic Reeves, comedian, 56; Tatyana Ali, actress and singer, 36.