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"We are ready to strongly devote ourselves to the reforms that will bring quick changes", said Deputy Prime Minister Bujar Osmani for Ethnos.
'Animistic epistemology: Why do some hunter-gatherers not depict animals?', Ethnos: Journal of Anthropology, 71:1, 33-50
The constant dissonance between demos and ethnos could not have been more jarring: When I flew to Kassel from Athens, multiple security checkpoints and teams of polizei were in place, gesturing to current anxieties about "protecting" the contemporary European demos from migrants and the specter of terrorism.
This is a quest for the origins of an ethnos, a people, a nation, and is irretrievably bound up with modern concerns: Who are these people who once populated eastern Europe--and elsewhere--by the millions, who went on to establish a state of their own in the land of their ancestors (alleged ancestors, some would say), many of whom went on to fame and fortune in the United States?
Ma da una piccola fenditura di questa gita tutto sommato spensierata e speranzosa, fluisce e si amplifica un respiro mitologico, fino a farsi epos e metafora della nascita di un ethnos; la nascita, appunto, di un popolo che s'individua nell'incontro-scontro con l'altro e inventa cosi una propria tradizione identitaria e una propria nobilta.
However, the "ethnos" theorized by the leading Soviet ethnographer Iulian Bromlei beginning in the 1960s had strong biological overtones.
Knowledge of such facts helps individuals to feel a part of the ethnos, enabling them to define their behaviour (in this case language behaviour) against the particular standards used within this ethnos, its verbal and behavioural cliches.
The Greek Ethnos daily reported on Monday that Greek and NATO radar systems detected that two Turkish F-16s were put under radar lock by a Russian missile cruiser carrying S-300 missiles off the island of Lemnos on Dec.
The New Zone Art Gallery is hosting Elvira Cremortan-Volosin on Friday and Saturday as part of a fundraiser for Southtowne Rotary's Literacy Project as well as the charity project, "Books for Every Child." Cremortan-Volosin has a show called "Ethnos" up at the New Zone.
The "-cracy" part relates to power or strength, while "ethnos" is tribe and "demos" is people.
A poll published in To Ethnos newspaper showed the two sides in a dead heat.
A poll conducted on Tuesday and Wednesday and published in To Ethnos newspaper today showed the two sides in a dead heat.
An opinion poll by the ALCO institute, published in the Ethnos newspaper on Friday, said that 'Yes' votes might be expected from 44.8 percent of voters, against 43.4 percent who would vote 'No.'