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an anthropologist who studies ethnology

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Although considered to be an original ethnologist by his contemporaries, only after his death De Martino was appreciated as the first great anthropologist of Italy.
"The national costume is the only, main cultural phenomenon that can separate us from all the other people on the Balkans, even Europe and the world," said ethnologist Aleksandar Todorovski.
As an ethnologist, Richards seems not to have been involved in many of the correspondence networks that were central to nineteenth-century ethnology and he was therefore little known in his own time and subsequently.
"Koppers Indien", meaning 29 cylinders with traditional music of the Bhil in India, recorded by the Vienna ethnologist Wilhelm Koppers (1886-1961) in Rambhapur in 1939.
From 1974 to 1977, as a photographer and filmmaker, he covered the kidnap of French ethnologist Franois Claustre in northern Chad.
But despite their rarity, we have noticed that the new generation, the new middle class, are aware of their heritage," Isabelle Denamur, ethnologist and curator of the exhibition, said.
Her other publications include: "The Genetic Reinscription of Race", Annual Review of Anthropology (2007); "Rethinking Genetic Genealogy: A Response to Stephan Palmi", American Ethnologist (2007); "Edward Said and the Political Present" American Ethnologist (2005); "Reflections on Archaeology and Israeli Settler-Nationhood", Radical History Review (spring 2003); "Translating Truths: Nationalism, Archaeological Practice and the Remaking of Past and Present in Contemporary Jerusalem", American Ethnologist (1998).
In order to clarify this rather irritating lack of clarity and to point out a blind spot in historical studies on play in France, Thierry Wendling, ethnologist at the CNRS, devotes his contribution in this issue to the rivalry between Claude Levi-Strauss and Roger Caillois, with respect to cultural relativism in particular.
Brasser, a former ethnologist with the Museum of Civilization, has looked to a broader field--all of the continent--to examine the weath of creativity and beauty produced by its Native peoples.
In this, another of his signature and wonderfully readable narrative histories (he is also the author of the majestic 1989 Albion's Seed and the Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington's Crossing of 2004), Fischer presents Champlain as a master mariner, explorer, cartographer, ethnologist, courtier, and soldier, but above all as a deeply humane person in a world that was anything but.
In Mali, tere, ethnologist Salia Male explains, denotes "an integral part of the components of every personality, every human's (men and women) state of being, every animal and every plant and object." Tere defines one's nature, which can be either good or bad and is manifested through physiognomy or behavior.
The name of British ethnologist Jane Goodall is associated with which African creature?
First, Wiley-Blackwell has entered into a publishing partnership with the American Anthropological Association (AAA; Arlington, VA) to produce 23 AAA anthropology journals and newsletters including "American Anthropologist," "American Ethnologist," "Cultural Anthropology" and "Medical Anthropology Quarterly." Wiley-Blackwell will also host AAA's accompanying online portal, AnthroSource.
Schieffelin, "Performance and the Cultural Construction of Reality," American Ethnologist 12 (Nov.