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of or relating to ethnology


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"Viewing methanol toxicity as the ethnologic cause of MS seems to answer all of the nagging questions and unexplained anomalies that have stalled the cure for this increasingly persistent disease," Monte states.
Ethnologic Data and so on are used throughout the paper to reveal the message of this discourse.
There is a list of world's languages called "Ethnologic" (Grimes 1996).
His skill in languages saw him reviewing works in German, French, Spanish, and Irish for the Yearbook of the International Folk Music Council, Ethnologic, Bealoideas, and many others, while some of his articles linked aspects of Irish song with European traditions.
Ellinor Forster, who has done research on women and early modern law at the Institut fur Geschichte und Ethnologic, Universitat Innsbruck, I understand that it was an exception to name a woman as the co-owner of a property.
See also Frederic Chauvaud, "Les figures du monstre dans la seconde moitie du XIXe sie cle," Ethnologic franqaise 21, 3 (1991): 243-253.
The style spread from east to west and south to north and was used by all women as everyday and special occasion wear by 1910 (Franciscan Fathers, An Ethnologic Dictionary of the Navaho Language [St.
An ethnologic study of growing up with a Finnish background in Sweden.] Goteborg: University of Gothenburg.
Jacques Gutwirth, a founding figure of urban anthropology in France, is no doubt best known for his incredibly detailed and methodologically sophisticated ethnography of the Belzer Hasidim in Antwerp, Vie juive tradition-nelle: ethnologic d'une commnuaute hassidique (Paris: Minuft, 1968).
His enormous contribution to the development of linguistic, historic, and ethnologic studies in Russia and Finland is widely--though, as it turns out, not completely!
Article 17, Item 4 of this law guarantees the right of persons engaged in reindeer herding and their authorized representatives to initiate and perform ecological and ethnologic examination of activities that could infringe on the interests of reindeer herding.