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the branch of anthropology that provides scientific description of individual human societies

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Cantarella, Hegel, and Marcus are interested in the correspondences between design and ethnography and the possibilities of scenography.
The exhibits are divided into six sections: ancient and medieval centuries, recent history, the modern era, currencies, ethnography, as well as a department of science and education.
The contributing authors, representing a diverse group of social scientists specializing in anthropology, global health, sociology and political science, of If Truth Be Told: The Politics of Public Ethnography share their journey of researching human subjects and presenting their research to the public, through publication.
Ethnography is a research method but also a form of storytelling and of writing.
Critique: Knowledgeably compiled and deftly edited by Didier Fassin (James Wolfensohn Professor of Social Science at the Institute for Advanced Study, and Director of Studies at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales) "If Truth Be Told: The Politics of Public Ethnography" is a collective work of seminal scholarship that is enhanced with the inclusion of a four page listing of the contributors and their credentials, as well as a nine page Index.
All are committed to some notion of 'public ethnography', analogous in key respects with 'public sociology'.
Enter Ethnography. It is the tool of choice to understand motivations and emergent behaviours, and to derive insights at a more aggregate level.
The Poetics of Ethnography In Martinican Narratives does two things brilliantly: it demonstrates that ethnography and fiction feed each other in a reciprocal relation of solidarity, and it presents the environment as a necessary complement--and agent--to understand Martinican production.
This ethnography is as much about what his informants did not tell the anthropologist as it is one about what they did tell him.
In the one minutes and 39 second long footage, which was shared as part of the 77th anniversary of AtatE-rk's death, is seen the visit paid to Ethnography Museum by President ysmet ynE[micro]nE- and a big crowd to commemorate AtatE-rk.
Ethnography marries analytical research with social science and case studies to give a picture of the real lived experiences of the subjects.
Instead of conducting a representative survey of hundreds of journalists, the author opted for the thick depiction and analytical insights offered by ethnography, focusing on one of the most influential media companies in the world.
Potent Landscapes purports to be an ethnography of movement through the Manggarai landscape in West Flores (Indonesia).
Thin Description: Ethnography and the African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem.