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of or relating to ethnography


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If a social scientist conducts ethnographical field research, the danger of 'going native' is always present.
Ranking of Kola Peninsula landforms in Kildin Saami (according to lexicographical and ethnographical sources)
The enormous archive contains rich ethnographical interviews with artisans, potters, musicians and practitioners of indigenous medicine over more than 40 years.
Trails of Memories will interconnect the audience of the Cultural Capital of Paphos with the public space of the old town through three site-specific performances under the name Rituals in Time and Space on October 21, 25 and 27, at the Ethnographical Museum and a number of abandoned spaces around it as well as the Holy Metropolis of Paphos.
Resistance and the problem of ethnographical refusal.
The museum is filled with archaeological, historical and ethnographical objects, partly donated by members of the ruling Al Qasimi family and residents of Ras Al Khaimah.
Schedrin shows that among expert Jews there were serious scholars such as German Barats, who wrote a history of Jews in Kievan Rus' and Moisei Berlin and who published "an ethnographical survey of Russian Jews." Expert Jew Moisei Kreps prepared several articles for the Russian Jewish encyclopedia, published in St.
The connection between syphilis, cannibalism, and religion in the New and the Old Worlds becomes clear in the readings on Thevet, Lery, and Ronsard among others in chapter 3 and in chapter 4 on Lery's ethnographical travel narratives.
Animals, Work, and the Promise oflnterspecies Solidarity employs a range of research methods, ranging from policy analysis to ethnographical participant observation to make an argument for the importance of conceptualizing interspecies labour.
Her detailed ethnographical study is also about those who work in global supply chains, like those working in the mushroom chain stretching across harvesting, selling, sorting, exporting, and eventually - cooking and eating.
Through ethnographical data, oral testimonies, archival sources, photos, and newspaper clips, the author successfully establishes a timeline of these events.
This ethnographical research is mainly focused on the household women, low income women and women with rural background.
Chapters include, Of Lives and Histories: Known and Lesser Known, The Ethnographical Film: A Cinema for the People, by the People, The Milestone Makers, and Dialogues in Diversity: Women Film-makers.
Aside from developing his own articulation of evolution theory, Wallace discovered thousands of species and made many striking ethnographical observations.