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Powhatan was a paramount chief and Monacans were a single polity as the ethnographic record indicates.
Salamon presents a clear discussion of the community ethnographic approach, the factors resulting in the selection of the six agrarian towns, and conceptualizes important terms used in her argument which include town, community, neighborhood and the post-agrarian social fabric.
On ethnographic maps, all societies in the central Kenyan highlands are shown as practicing male circumcision (Bongaarts.
The book is unique in the way it draws upon playwriting and play performance (Goldstein led students in group readings of a play called Hong Kong, Canada), as well as critical ethnographic methods and teacher education practices.
"Based on an ethnographic study of scientists at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, this article describes how the rhetorical invention process of a group of working scientists is strongly rooted in social collaborative processes.
I think it would be very useful to provide help to graduate students in particular and new researchers generally on how to design an ethnographic study.
Ethnographic representations of oppression often end up reinforcing stereotypes or offering culturalist explanations that are most often reductive and highly problematic.
Though relevant to both archaeology and anthropology, the research is in essence an ethnographic study which aims to reconstruct settlement patterns from oral testimony.
Both institutions also are home to resources such as the IU Archives of Traditional Music, the largest university-based ethnographic sound and video archive in the United States, and the University of Michigan Media Union, which will provide special equipment needed to facilitate the development of the digital archive.
Auctions and outfits like have taken to selling ethnographic antiques and toys.
"One promising possibility is ethnographic research, a technique developed by anthropologists.
In this paper, we argue that for the purposes of researching the consequences of deviant behavior in intimate, interpersonal contexts, ethnographic research strategies are more fruitful than quantitative research techniques.
Bringing to Light: A History of Ethnographic Filmmaking at the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies, ISBN 0 85575 382 X, 110pp, 27x20.5cm, $26.95 (includes GST) plus postage.
Contrary to what the article suggests, the quantity and quality of ethnographic data collected by the Spanish on indigenous cultures does indeed abound.
Many critics have failed to recognize ethnographic discourses in slave narratives.