ethmoidal sinus

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a sinus of the meatuses of the nasal cavity (behind the bridge of the nose)

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(15) Similar to the literature, in this study, the most common origin of the mucoceles were frontal sinus (54.5%) and ethmoidal sinus (27.3%), which due to the mass effect in the orbital cavity, resulted mostly in proptosis (63.6%), diplopia (54.5%), and displacement of the globe (36.4%).
Computed tomography of the sinuses showed (1) an abnormal soft-tissue process causing expansion of the right maxillary sinus with complete opacification of the right maxillary antrum, (2) widening of the right ostiomeatal complex with mucosal thickening in the right-sided ethmoidal sinus cells, and (3) no violation of the bony wails separating the sinuses from the orbit or intracranial cavity (figure 1, A and B).
A CT scan revealed that the foreign body had penetrated the left ethmoidal sinus through the medial wall of the orbit and reached the anterior skull base, with about 8 mm penetrating into the intracranial region [Figure 1]a,[Figure 1]b,[Figure 1]c.
Malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor of the ethmoidal sinus. Arch Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg 1997;123:654, 656-7.
(%) Deviated nasal septum 20 (33.3) 17 (28.3) Total opacification of Maxillary Sinus 3 (5) 2 (3.3) Total opacification of Ostiomeatal Complex 5 (8.3) 12 (20) T otal opacification of Ethmoid Sinus 6 (10) 8 (13.3) Mucosal thickening in Maxillary Sinus 20 (33.3) 29 (48.3) Mucosal thickening in Ethmoidal Sinus 25 (41.6) 19 (31.6) Mucosal thickening in Frontal Sinus 13 (21.6) 15 (25) Mucosal thickening in Sphenoidal Sinus 1 (1.6) 2 (3.3) Fluid level in Maxillary Sinus 23 (38.3) 29 (48.3) Fluid level in Frontal Sinus 5 (8.3) 8 (13.3) Fluid level in Sphenoidal Sinus 2 (3.3) 2 (3.3) Table 4: Distribution of Patients with CSOM and Chronic Bacterial Rhinosinusitis (n=60) CSOM Chronic Bacterial Rhinosinusitis No.