ethmoid bone

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one of the eight bones of the cranium

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It extends from cribriform plate of ethmoid bone to nostrils.
The uncinate process--a part of the ethmoid bone or the maxilla?
Computed tomographic imaging to determine the frequency of anatomical variations in pneumatization of the ethmoid bone.
In cases of deep fracture and glabellar depression, the bone often is smashed into tiny pieces, like a crushed egg shell, possibly resulting in additional damage to the ethmoid bone, dura mater and the brain.
Skull Base Configuration: The roof of the ethmoid bone is formed by the fovea ethmoidalis laterally and the cribriform plate medially.
Second, grasping and fracturing the perpendicular lamina of the ethmoid bone to correct bony deviations may lead to the exertion of multidirectional rotational forces to the perpendicular lamina and delicate cribiform plate, thereby resulting in fractures of the latter.
The hiatus semilunaris is inverted crescent shaped, bounded inferiorly by a sharp concave ridge produced by the uncinate process of the ethmoid bone, which leads upwards and forwards into a curved canal named the ethmoidal infundibulum.
Then the surface area of each of the sixbony components--the perpendicular plate of the ethmoid bone, the vomer, the sphenoid bone, the nasal process of the frontal bone, the nasal bone, and the palatine crest--was measured with a transparent grid calibrated in square millimeters, Then we calculated the contributions that each of these bones made to the total osseous surface area and the contribution that the total bony component made to the total chondro-osseous septal surface area.
CT finding: Moderate sized, soft tissue density mass lesion in left nasal cavity showing extension into the ipsilateral ethmoid sinus and nasopharynx and causing destruction of nasal septum, ethmoid bone and cribriform plate and showing extension in the right nasal cavity, sphenoid sinus and brain parenchyma.