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To cast doubt on the ownership of land means, in Ethiopia, the letting in of waters, and the getting out of troops.
Once, twice, and again in his peroration he repeated his demand, using always--that they might see he was acquainted with their local argot--using always, I say, the word which the Inspector had given him in England long ago--the short, adhesive word which, by itself, surprises even unblushing Ethiopia.
President pointed out that in terms of our demographic profiles, both Ethiopia and India are young countries; 65 per cent of Indias people are below the age of 35; and 64 per cent of Ethiopias people are below the age of 25.
Yesterday (October 5, 2017) in the evening, the President held wide-ranging talks with Ethiopias Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn.
The President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind, addressed the academic and student community at Addis Ababa University, the oldest university in Ethiopia, today (October 6, 2017) before concluding his four-day State Visit to Djibouti and Ethiopia.
According to Dessalegn Ambaw, Ethiopian Transport state minister, the plan to secure land has to do with building a port facility that would handle Ethiopias foreign trade mostly imports of goods.
After Ethiopian prime minster, Hailemariam Dessalegns recent visit to Sudan, the two countries have signed a deal with which Ethiopia can develop a port facility at the Port Sudan that would help Ethiopia handle half of its foreign trade volume.
Recalling that bith the nations had inked deals on many areas of cooperation, Ethiopias Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr.
Tedros asked for Brazils endorsement of Ethiopias bid for a non permanent membership at the UNSC.