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Synonyms for ethicality

a rule or habit of conduct with regard to right and wrong or a body of such rules and habits

the moral quality of a course of action

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As a matter of fact, people habitually judge ethicality of others' behaviors (Gino et al.
The ethicality of their decision was determined by the percentage value associated with the most ethical choice ("Make sure that the violation was corrected, no matter how far I would have to go.
Therefore, love of truth, beauty and virtue, embodied by Dante's Filosofia--or the condition of ethicality in literary creation--seems to have meant for Dante at the same time love for perfection in the way of expression and the form of literature.
We will discuss the details of these strategies, as well as some issues related to their legality and ethicality in business settings.
Fourteen respondents discussed the ethicality of going undercover in terms of the effectiveness of the operation.
The issue of horse slaughter in the United States has a diverse stakeholder group, causing ranchers, the meat industry, animal welfare groups, economists, taxpayers, and many more to stir debate on its utility, ethicality, and practicality.
The Jin and Drozdenko (2003-2013) research raises the question of the possible causes for the greater ethicality they found in organic organizations.
When individuals feel that they have a voice in the process or that the process involves characteristics such as consistency, accuracy, ethicality, and lack of bias then procedural justice is enhanced.
The 14 areas are as follows: requirement analysis, instructional design, study contents, teaching-learning strategy, interactivity, evaluation, feedback, support system, reusability, sharing & distribution, accessibility, restructuring, ethicality, and copyright, respectively.
Nevertheless, although the War on Terror, at time of declaration, did not meet the condition of just cause, the ethicality of drone strikes cannot yet be disregarded.
In conclusion, this article has dealt with four major issues: (1) the faith-based morality, (2) the belief- based ethicality, (3) the ritual-based religiosity, and (4) the humanistic-based spirituality.
To begin with, it is important to consider how we generally evaluate the ethicality of behaviors of others.
The web crawler ethics are measured to discover the ethicality of commercial search engine crawlers [9].
Technically, from search engines' point of view, SEO techniques are divided to two main branches which differ from each other in ethicality of the methods they utilize for website optimization; 'black hat optimization', follows unethical approaches and 'white hat optimization' takes ethics into account.
4) The causes of failures can be also understood at three different levels or categories: (1) rotten apple (this occurs when the individual succumbs to the temptations inherent in the workplace), (2) rotten barrel (this describes the work environment and organizational culture that provide opportunities for deviant behavior), and (3) rotten core (this relates to the ethicality of the socioeconomic-political or ideological system of governance).