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Synonyms for ethic

a rule or habit of conduct with regard to right and wrong or a body of such rules and habits

Synonyms for ethic

the principles of right and wrong that are accepted by an individual or a social group

a system of principles governing morality and acceptable conduct

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In this research for core content of an accounting ethics course, a two-step evaluation was used.
How do you communicate to the "non-camping" world that this ethic of collaboration is one of the ways camp gives kids and adults a world of good?
Building and Reinforcing an Ethics-Based Culture Speaker: Joseph Hayes, assistant general counsel, vice president Ethics & Business Conduct, Service Corporation International
The status of communication ethics scholarship in speech communication journals from 1915-1985.
For a complete copy of the Code of Ethics, visit the SCCE website at: http://www.
The process of achieving shared ethics cannot be a credible guide to human behaviour.
The ethics of Deming's quality movement deeply and profoundly affected the lives of all who came in contact with what is believed to be a moral and ethical philosophy.
Now, we call for the entire Ethics Commission to resign so former members can speak freely against this phony measure and lead the campaign for tough ethics laws and an independent commission to enforce them.
The health care ethics conversations of the 21st century are richly diverse and vibrant.
Not everyone believes the love affair with ethics will last.
Ethics Division Hotline staff stands ready to address member inquiries.
TITLE: Ethics and the Archival Profession: Introduction and Case Studies
As it stands currently, there is no requirement for cadets to take a course in ethics or morality of war.
Recent cases in the business world have clearly demonstrated that ethics for communication professionals is not an abstract subject.