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Pugh, in his haste to set down the events of the day, has mistakenly nominated 9 June, rather than 9 January as the date of the Illustrated London News which contained the news of etherisation and has omitted to close his quotation marks in the last sentence.
Aaron was not prepared to quickly surrender his sceptical attitude to the new fangled etherisation. He followed Pugh's reports with another editorial titled 'Painless surgery' (11):
Pugh did not respond publicly in the Australian Medical Journal to these aspersions, but he did provide a more detailed letter to the editor of the Launceston Examiner expressing his concerns about the safety of etherisation (14).
Aaron on the other hand had been collecting reports of adverse outcomes of etherisation from the British and French medical journals and described them in an editorial titled 'The ether mania', which preceded Pugh's surgical case report.
John Collins Warren's support was instrumental in Morton being allowed to demonstrate his new method for producing insensibility and also in the subsequent promotion of etherisation.