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a salt or ester of acetic acid

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Nionyl phenol ethanoate, although dimensionally a much longer molecule, has a slightly higher diffusion coefficient than either isopropyl myristate or oleic acid, because the combination of phenyl and ether groups will enhance its ability to swell the polymer.
Synthesis of Ethyl-2-[(N-acetyl) 2, 3- dichloroanilido] ethanoate [2]
06 mol), dioxane (6 ml), Ethyl-2-(2, 3-dichloroanilido) ethanoate (16.
Synthesis of Ethyl-2-[2, 3-dichloroanilido] Ethanoate [1]:
Synthesis of Ethyl-2-[(N-benzoyl) 2, 3-dichloroanilido] ethanoate [2]: